segunda-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2014

Donald Trump's interview to Veja (Brazilian weekly magazine)

I love Donald Trump. I like his acute business sense, and enjoy to no end his faux pas.

He has anounced that he is going to open a new Hotel in Rio. I think the project is mostly welcome, since our own celebrity billionaire has suspended his projects of Hotel renovation in Rio.

In his interview, Trump seemed very down to earth, and more tuned to Brazilian reality than most media articles I see. He knows it is a poor place, although full of people with money, and where service quality is terrible.

But the reason I'm posting this is because, as it has been already twittered by other:

"Donald Trump opening hotel in Rio. Was asked by Brazilian newsmagazine if he's ever met with Dilma Rousseff. "No. Who is HE?" he responded."

I'm enjoying this very much.  In fact, I have written a blog post talking about Dilma's lack of stardom  before other countries and, specially, businesspeople.  It has changed now, after Time magazine made several mentions to her.

Come The Donald.

Trump: "mi instinto me dice que es buen momento" de hacer negocios en Brasil -:

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